What you were made for...

Ever wonder about your purpose in life?

Have you desired to have a more spiritual life or to know God? Or maybe you have felt an emptiness in your heart or shame in your life. We are all made to have a relationship with God. Within that relationship, we find purpose, a new spiritual life, fulfillment, and forgiveness. That is not to say that every problem will be solved and you won’t experience any pain or suffering. Life always contains these things, but when we have a relationship with God we have Someone with us helping us through those hard things.

We are all born separated from God. 

Our actions and thoughts have gone against God’s will and God’s way. These things are called sin, and one sin makes us guilty and separates us from God. The ultimate result of sin is death. Thankfully because of God’s great love for us, God became a man. His name is Jesus. He came to seek and save those that were lost. Jesus lived a perfect life without sin, and then He died to pay the price of our sin.

Turn from your way, and put your trust in Jesus. 

Put your trust in Jesus, and you will be saved. He will give you a new life. And the new life He gives is meant to be lived and enjoyed with Him. If you have made this decision to trust Jesus, you are forgiven and part of the family of God! Welcome! This is a small step with big results. God gives you a new life and new heart. Just like any relationship there are ways to help it grow. Reading the Bible helps us to know God better. Talking to God in prayer helps us grow deeper in relationship. Gathering at church to worship and spending time with other Christians helps us grow stronger. Telling people about this decision is also a great step, so let us know if you made this decision.  We would love to pray with you, get you a Bible if you need one, and help you grow in a real and right relationship with God!

We would love to pray for you and help you continue in the pursuit of your
new relationship with God!