Good Gifts from God

When I was in the second or third grade, I got an unusual haul from Santa Claus. You see, when I was a kid, I loved to work with my dad’s tools. I would frequently “borrow” them and then leave them scattered all over the yard. He frowned on that.

That year, I got my favorite new dolly and a new red wagon. But I also got a leather tool belt complete with my own hammer, several screwdrivers, a tape measure, and a sack of nails. I was thrilled!

Those gifts perfectly matched me! I loved my dolly, but I also loved making tree forts. My parents (oops, I mean “Santa Claus”) knew me so well that they were able to choose gifts that perfectly matched my interests. They were great gifts that suited me.

That’s exactly the message that you and I should have derived from last Sunday’s sermon. God is the expert on gifts that are good. He only gives good gifts to His children. And those good gifts don’t change in quality based on our mood or behavior.

Sometimes those gifts are “stuff” that we need in our everyday life. Sometimes those gifts are spiritual gifts that we need to exercise within the body of Christ. And sometimes those gifts are immaterial “things” that will last for eternity.

Both the Old and the New Testaments list gifts that God gives His children. He has given the gift of the Holy Spirit and the fruits of the Spirit. He endows us with wisdom and grants grace in times of need. We have the precious gift of salvation and the promise of eternity.

And according to Romans 11:29, all those gifts are irrevocable. What a blessing!

So, as you and I spend the next few weeks running around town looking for good gifts for family and friends, let’s remember this truth. The Lord wants to bless us with His good gifts so we can then represent Him and bless others in His name.

And many of those gifts don’t even require a bow!
Sherry Worel
Sherry Worel is a Bible teacher at heart and lives a life of ministry. She’s been involved at Coast Hills teaching Women’s LIFE, Bible studies, online courses, devotionals, participating in Upstream conversations, and much more. Having a love for education, Sherry has over 50 years of teaching experience with schools, churches, and mission agencies. As well as earning her Master’s at Talbot Seminary, she rounded out her education with 35 years as Head of School at Stoneybrooke Christian School. Sherry is happiest with a book or fishing pole in hand.

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