The Good Kind of Fruit

Do you ever wonder what happened on that fateful day with Adam and Eve when humanity changed forever? I know I’ve thought about it at least 100 times—maybe more!

What exactly went down? We know they were together, and we know she handed him the fruit. We also know she was tempted, and we know he went along with it. But what was their conversation?

My husband laughs at me because whenever he comes home from meeting with someone, I want to know all the details. I ask him questions like, “How does their new career change make them feel?” “Did you find out what they want to do next?” “How is their family holding up?”

He laughs because I am the one out of the two of us who asks all the nosy questions – and he is just a patient, non-prying listener.

So, you can imagine all the questions I would have for Adam and Eve. You have questions too, right? Like why didn’t Adam stop her? What would happen if Eve prayed in that moment?

One thing I can’t help but wonder is what happened when Eve turned to share the fruit with Adam. She shared this toxic, life-altering fruit, and it must have looked so good that Adam was compelled to take a bite.

This past Sunday, Pastor Jason mentioned the effect that sharing fruit has on another person. When you share the fruit of the Spirit, it has the potential to create more fruit in someone’s life. It multiplies.

The fruit that Eve handed Adam only brought death and destruction, but the fruit we share from the Holy Spirit brings life and new beginnings.

How redemptive of our great God. He gives us good fruit to share; meaningful fruit, multiplying fruit!

As I sat in my seat Sunday morning, I couldn’t help but think of all the “fake” fruit I have tried to put out in the world. And how frustrating it can be to try so hard at something and see nothing good come out of it. The Spirit makes the difference. God’s Spirit illuminates and empowers us to bear real and good fruit. I started to wonder, “how many times have I operated in the flesh and not even thought to invite the Spirit in?”

One of my favorite songs we sing in worship is a very simple but powerful refrain, “Holy Spirit, You are welcome here.” How different would life be if I invited the Holy Spirit into the tiniest moments of my day. As I’m getting dressed in the morning, grabbing my cup of coffee, or just buckling my seatbelt. How much would that sweet prayer change things? “You are welcome here, my friend.”

Do you welcome Him into your everyday moments? We don’t have much of a problem calling out in the big moments…but what about the little ones? Those moments where we need to bear fruit?

I invite you today to welcome Him, to believe that He has good fruit waiting for you, and to trust that without a doubt, He’s working all things out for your good. Because you love Him, right? Me too.
Erika Pizzo
Erika is the author of the blog where she encourages women to care for their mind, body, and spirit as they grow closer to Jesus. She also hosts the podcast “Temple Care” where she provides weekly messages of encouragement. Erika lives with her husband, daughter, son, and their fluffy poodle in sunny Southern California. Her two favorite things are a visit to the beach with a chai latte in hand.

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