In Daniel 6, young Daniel has an encounter with arrogant King Belshazzar, who had become hardened with pride and set himself against the Lord of heaven. In this scene, Daniel interprets the writing that miraculously appeared on the palace wall: MENE, MENE, TEKEL, PARSIN.

Mene” meant that God had numbered the days of Belshazzar’s reign (he died later that same night).
Parsin” meant that Belshazzar’s kingdom was to be divided and given away.
Tekel” meant that Belshazzar had been “weighed” (put on a scale) and was found wanting. In today’s vernacular, he came up short. He was a light weight.

Now, compare that scene to the one in Revelation 4 and 5. Here, John is given a peek into the throne room of God. First, the twenty-four elders lay down their crowns before the Lord and declare, “You are worthy (there is sufficient weight found in you) to receive glory, honor and power…”

A moment later, thousands of angels sing a new song declaring, “Worthy (you have sufficient weight or value) is the Lamb who was slain, to receive power (strength) and wealth (riches in abundance), and wisdom (clarity of thought) and strength (a mighty force to be reckoned with) and honor (an assigned value that reflects personal reverence) and glory (weight that adds esteem) and praise (blessing).”

Belshazzar was weighed (Tekel) and he came up very short or light. There wasn’t any righteousness or godly substance to Him. The Lamb was also evaluated (Tekel), but He was found to be worthy of so much!

This week, as we all consider how to give “glory to God in the highest,” let’s make some choices that will reflect the place He has in our hearts. He is worthy!

He is worthy of our praise and worship. Quietly in our own homes and corporately as the body of Christ, He has earned our praise. Practical thought: This week, make sure your life is punctuated with music that lofts praise His way (Check out Andrew Peterson’s “Is He Worthy?” on YouTube).

He is worthy of our honor. Yes, we are told to honor our father and mother, the widows among us, and those in authority (Ephesians 6:2, 1 Timothy 5:3, and 1 Peter 2:17). Mostly, we need to crown Christ as King in our hearts. Obedience is the key to honoring Him. Practical thought: This week, let’s all identify one disobedient attitude or behavior and work on it.

He is worthy of all glory. If something or someone is worthy, we are willing to add weight to their evaluation. We esteem them, give them value, and mark their worth. No one and no thing deserves glory more than that Baby who came to die. Practical thought: This week, every time we see that manger scene, let’s pause and give God some glory. This may look like a quick under-your-breath prayer or a true moment of worship.

Either way, let’s remember Who deserves all of our praise!

Sherry Worel

Sherry Worel is a Bible teacher at heart and lives a life of ministry. She’s been involved at Coast Hills teaching Women’s LIFE, Bible studies, online courses, devotionals, participating in Upstream conversations, and much more. Having a love for education, Sherry has over 50 years of teaching experience with schools, churches, and mission agencies. As well as earning her Master’s at Talbot Seminary, she rounded out her education with 35 years as Head of School at Stoneybrooke Christian School. Sherry is happiest with a book or fishing pole in hand.

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