Spiritual Restoration: Discussion Questions

Spiritual Restoration | Galatians 5:24-6:1

Pastor Jason Huffman | 9/11/22


Discussion Questions:

1. When we talk about keeping in step with the Spirit, what are other ways God calls us to march? Can you think of other commands or directions the Spirit gives us?

2. Why do you think Paul includes himself in verse 25, when he says “let us”?

3. What is the advantage to seeing the family of God with a team score mentality? But, what makes it harder to be part of a team?

4. Can you identify with the feeling of being glad someone won or lost? How does that translate to the Christian life?

5. Do you have any experience with broken bones? How does that experience help you to restore others spiritually?

6. Can you share an experience of restoring, trying to restore, or being restored? How did it go? Why was it positive or how do you wish it would have gone?

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