Marveling, But Not Marvelous: Discussion Questions

1. When was the last time you marveled at something? Was it impressive or foolish or something else?

2. What part about God’s grace gives you the most peace?

3. We know that it is God’s will to deliver us from this evil age. What part do you think we might play in being delivered?

4. Why did Paul marvel in verse 6?

5. When are we tempted to turn away from the gospel?

What are ways that people attempt to have a relationship with God outside of the gospel?

6. In your own words, why is the gospel so important?

7. Have you ever experienced or know of people that believe in any of the “other” gospels? (Mormons, prosperity gospel, social gospel or any others)

8. What are some results in life that come from knowing that Jesus is enough?

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