Know The Ending

My close friend is a big movie buff. She thoroughly enjoys introducing anyone and everyone to truly great movies. Have you ever watched a movie with someone like this? As the plot takes a down-turn, they reassure you, “Just wait until you see how they get themselves out of this one!” Or, you voice your fear of the demise of your favorite character, and they respond suggestively, “…Or will they?” When it’s truly looking hopeless for your beloved protagonist, and you are holding back tears, they are sitting beside you, smiling, and even tossing glances in your direction to see your reaction. Right behind that tight-lipped smile is the thrill of witnessing minds blown as the plot is miraculously reconciled and the favorite character redeemed. While you, not knowing the end, are thrown into an emotional frenzy, your friend sits cool and collected, in confidence and security, as they wait for the end of the story to commence.

We, as Believers, are both that movie buff and the friend watching in uncertainty. We know the promises that God has given to us in the unfolding story of life, and we ultimately know the way it will all turn out. Yet, there are details that are hidden, and even in uncertainty, we get to sit beside the One who knows exactly what’s to come.

This Sunday, we focused on three things that are true of every believer’s testimony: that the grace, love, and Spirit of God are with us all. When we really believe these three simple truths, it causes us to walk drastically different in the here and now. Such knowledge, like my friend’s giddy anticipation, enables us to be confident, thankful, and courageous no matter how the sky might be falling in the day-to-day. Instead of sweating the small stuff, by faith, we remember that our High Priest understands us (Hebrews 4:15), and we remember that His Spirit resides in us. When we start feeling empty, He gently reminds us to come to the “kitchen” (aka the Throne of Grace) and receive a fresh filling of His energizing Spirit.

Our Challenge to Change this week says that when we feel the pressures, uncertainties, and loneliness of life surround us, to fill up in the Spirit. So we ought to ask: “What does filling up look like for me?”

Filling up could look like getting a change of scenery and heading to the beach to spend time in prayer. It could also be doing something you love to do, but with a worshipful focus—like painting, writing, or making music. Maybe for you, it’s taking a walk before bed with your kids and thanking Jesus for the day. This week, having a coffee Zoom date with a friend who encourages you might be the fellowship you need. Or maybe it’s as simple as finding a moment of silence in the middle of a chaotic day. Ask the Lord what it is that you personally need today!

Whatever it is for each of us, we get to choose to remember the end and let the lesser things slip away. Get to the “kitchen,” whatever it takes, and gain that confidence, security and courage as you remember the unchangeable reality of grace, love, and the Spirit that is with you until the end of the age (Matthew 28:20).

In the pressures, uncertainties, and loneliness, we can hear Jesus’ smiling voice, assuring us, “Just wait until you see how it all turns out.

Michelle Townsley


Michelle Townsley i s a young adult devoted t o l oving Jesus and l oving people. A current staff member at Coast Hills, her passion i s t o “present everyone mature i n Christ” whether t hrough women’s discipleship i n high school ministry, with young adults at Patmos: Reality Discipleship, or t hrough communications and t he written word. Michelle l oves ministry, summer camp, and basketball i n t hat order.
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