Freedom From & Freedom For: Discussion Questions

1. Can you identify with carrying a heavy burden before Christ? What sort of burden was it? Or what did it feel like in your life? What was the difference when you were free?

2. Would you say you lean more spiritually towards the “unplugged” life of not doing much or the “tower and keyboard” life of living with a burden of rules and expectations? Can you explain a little?

3. Have you ever seen someone or been someone yourself that was “hindered” in running the Christian life? How do you think it happens that people get off course and “fall from grace.”

4. We said a legalist may think these thoughts, “If I obey these rules, I will become more spiritual. I am better than other people I know. How great to be so spiritual and mature.” What is Biblically unhealthy about these thoughts?

5. God has given us a rich freedom, but it is given for a real reason. We are free from legalism, but free for loving service. How has your freedom impacted your life and interaction with others?

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