Our Great Mentor

At the end of his message on the person of the Holy Spirit, Chet mentioned that the Spirit is “passionate about our spiritual growth.”

When I heard those words, I couldn’t help but think of the role of a MENTOR. Like you, I am sure, mentors have poured into my life in so many significant ways. That long list would begin in elementary school with a teacher who “had my number” and wouldn’t accept mediocrity from me. Then there was the college prof who listened endlessly to my sophomoric babblings and patiently pointed me to authors who could shape my thinking.

As a young believer, the gal who discipled me firmly nudged me toward submission to Christ. Along the way, my pastors who have poured the scriptures into my soul and challenged my mind. And just like you, many others have intentionally mentored my growth and development as a follower of Jesus.

So, what is a mentor? Well, the business world would tell us that a great mentor displays the three “C”s. They are a consultant, someone who readily gives specialized recommendations for our lives. They are a counselor, a guide who listens and urges us to follow good advice. And they are a cheerleader, someone who offers enthusiastic support and encouragement along the way.

Since the Holy Spirit is indeed passionate about our spiritual growth, He is an amazing MENTOR. And the incredible truth is that He does that as a PERSON. He is not as Chet mention a “outlet we plug into.” He is a person with a will that is expressed, a person with intelligence and He is endowed with great emotions.

The Spirit can be known. He can be related to. He is active in our lives. He is the great MENTOR!

Think about it—doesn’t He offer great recommendations for our lives (ie: “Go this way.” “Stop doing that.” “Start doing this.” “Add this to your character.”)

Isn’t He the best counselor you have ever known? He listens endlessly to my ramblings and guides me to a fuller understanding of how “to live and move and have my being” (Acts 17:28).

And oh, my what an incredible cheerleader He is. He is the first one to speak into my broken heart or confused mind. He is always there, a continual support and gracious companion. He cheers me on and His enthusiasm is genuine, always focused on the heart and motive of the effort.

The Holy Spirit has many names in the scripture. He is our Lord (2 Corinthians 3:17). He is our comforter (John 14:26). He is the paraclete or advocate for our souls (I Jn. 2:1). He is the breadth of the Almighty (Job 36:4). But my favorite terms are those who start with “Spirit of…”

He is the Spirit of counsel (Isaiah 11:2). He is the Spirit of Life (Romans 8:2). He is the Spirit of Grace (Hebrews 10:29). He is the Spirit of Truth (John 14:17) and He is the Spirit of Glory (1 Peter 4:14).

He is my Spirit. He is the expression of the trinity that is given as a gift at our salvation. And He (not IT) is passionate about my spiritual progress. What a mentor!

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